How To Control Your PC With Twitter Account

technoTwitter is the best social site.Twitter can be used for whatever you want.TweetMyPC uses the Twitter network instead of the Message network to relay command messages to your home PC.

You can shut down your home PC or just log off. A full list of commands can be found here. You can even create your own commands and actions.If you have already setup a remote desktop or vnc connction then it will very easy to manage your desktop. Let us show you how you can remotely shut down your computer with a tweet.

How to use TweetMyPC:

  • First go to TweetMyPc Download page and download the application for you desktop.
  • after downloading setup.exe file install it your computer.
  • Now after installation, launch the application and sign in with your twitter account.


tweetmypc sing in pc

  • Enter your username and password and now click on the authorize app.


tweetmypc authorize app


  • After authorize app now you will get a pin code.copy this pin.
  • go back to TweetMyPc app on your desktop, paste the pin code in the given below and click ok.



  • after entering the pin code, now you are ready to send a comment to your pc with your twitter account.go to about and select  basic command list.




  • When you click basic command list, it will open a new window with supported command list.


command list

  • There are many commands for your refrence, you have to tweet it on your twitter account.if you want to command shutdown simply tweet “shutdown” now your desktop follow this commands.



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